Light Stax

Light StaxLighting systems help create a certain mood or atmosphere to any room. But most lighting fixtures tend to be generic. It becomes so common that many people tend not to notice it, taking it for granted most of the time. But there are certain lights that are quite interesting to look at as well. Take this new Light Stax for example.

The Light Stax is a unique lighting system that you can use to more than just light up the room. It is a modular type of lighting system that you can stack as high as you can. They are composed of LED building blocks that look like Legos. You can construct your own lamp using the blocks, stacking them up in different ways. The blocks light up when you connect them to the base unit, which powers them up. There are 4 lighting modes you can use- always on, automatically turns off after 15 minutes, flashing or fading.

The Light Stax starter pack comes with 12 blocks and a base unit. You can also buy expansion packs to add up more blocks and lights. Light Stax can either be powered via USB or by 3 AAA batteries. It will make a good desk accessory or even a bedroom light. Light Stax is available at Gizoo for 20 UK Pounds for the Starter Pack. That is around $31.

Image Source: Gizoo

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