Light Blue Optics Light Touch

Innovative devices do not come as often nowadays. But once they do appear, they seem to capture the imagination in an instant. The can open doors to the possibility of developing other unique gadgets and devices in the future. Much can be said with the unique Light Touch from Light Blue Optics.

The Light Touch is a device unlike any current device you might have seen. It also offers a function that may introduce lots of other uniquely innovative gadgets in its wake. The Light Touch, in simple terms, is an interactive projector that is capable of projecting a functional touchscreen display into any surface.

The Light Touch makes use of full color holographic laser projection technology to allow it to create an interactive display. With the Light Touch, a virtual keyboard can be projected into any surface that can be used for possible inputs. It can also be used into display videos as well as play projected games using its touchscreen function. The Light Touch is currently available only for exhibit purposes to show its capabilities and other possible uses. But it does provide an innovative approach that may someday add into the many ways that people may interact with the devices they use.

Image Source: Light Blue Optics

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