LifeHammer Emergency Hammer

Emergencies usually need quick action and thinking. It also helps that you have the right tools handy whenever there are emergencies that happen while you are driving out on the road. Car accidents can happen and it pays to have the LifeHammer Emergency Hammer always handy.

The LifeHammer Emergency Hammer is a useful tool for helping address the challenges that car accidents pose. The double-sided head of this emergency hammer is designed with hardened steel points to shatter through vehicle windows when a car passenger is trapped inside with the doors shut and cannot be opened. It also comes with a protected razor-sharp blade that can cut through a seatbelt to free trapped passengers quickly. It comes with a mounting bracket that can be fixed securely on the vehicle console always ready for use. A fluorescent button allows for easy retrieval even in the dark. The LifeHammer Emergency Hammer is available at Amazon for US$15.

Image Source: Amazon

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