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basic laptopLaptops have become a common gadget most people use for work. But not only that, many laptops nowadays are also designed for gaming as well as many different tasks that require heavy processing. But some people just want a laptop to help them do some of the basic processing stuff. But when most people say that, they have those old laptop models in mind. It is a good thing that there is a company that is also introducing a new laptop like the ZED AIR that comes with the basic features that will allow users to perform the basic computing tasks.

The ZED AIR is designed for people who only look for a laptop that is good enough for basic computing. It does not come with those fancy features that many people think they need but do not take advantage of. At least with the new ZED AIR laptop, users will know that there’s no frills involved in this gadget.

The new ZED AIR laptop comes with a sleek and slim fan-less design that is 17.9mm thin and weighs 1.55kg. It also comes with a 14-inch display, runs on the latest Intel Atom Quad Core processor, and with a Windows 10 OS. This laptop also features a 2GB DDR3L system memory, an HD display screen and up to 10 hours of battery life. It also comes with the new 802.11ac wireless technology, allowing users to enjoy faster connection speeds when they are online.

The features of the new ZED AIR laptop makes it a good enough device to perform the most basic of computing functions. It may not be able to do well as a gaming laptop, or to watch HD movies and clips for long periods. But users will appreciate that it is good enough to do tasks that need to be done. And sometimes, the basic features make it possible for people to work instead of getting distracted by the various entertaining features that most high-end laptops come with. For people who are just after doing basic tasks, the new ZED AIR notebook may be good enough. And with an expected price tag of around $135, it will certainly be an attractive option for a work laptop.

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