Life Gear Quad Power PSD

Life Gear Quad Power PSD

With most people bringing along all sorts of portable gadgets and devices today such as mobile phones, the issue of their ability to work continuously matters a lot. But since most usually run on batteries that can get empty at any time, emergency power has become quite an issue. Many gadget users would surely welcome something that would ensure them of getting emergency power whenever the need arises.

The Life Gear Quad Power Personal Safety Device may provide some emergency power for device users who need it. It is actually a 6 in 1 DC power device that provides emergency power in four ways. It can recharge batteries through Crank Power or with AAA batteries. It also can also be used with a car or wall charger adapter.

The Life Gear Quad Power PSD is also equipped with super bright LED lights which can light up for an hour for every minute of cranking. It can also act as an emergency mobile phone charger when your phone batteries run out. It is equipped with an emergency radio and also can act as a signal flasher, emergency siren and a directional compass. The Life Gear Quad Power is available at Life Gear for US$25.

Image Source: Life Gear

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