Life Clock Disaster Preparation Clock Kit

Life nowadays is not as safe and peaceful as it once was. That is why it is always important to come prepared for any emergency. One may not be entirely prepared for everything. Having this Life Clock Disaster Preparation Clock Kit around will certainly give you some peace of mind.

Emergency Kit

The Life Clock Disaster Preparation Clock Kit allows you to come prepared in case disaster strikes. It functions more than just a typical clock that tells you the time. The clock is designed on one side of a sturdy box design. It contains basic disaster tools to help you out in cases of disasters like massive flooding or earthquakes. The box contains an emergency chemical light that provides up to 12 hours of visibility in the dark. It also contains an emergency rescue whistle. You can use it in order to alert any emergency personnel within your vicinity with sound. The kit also includes an SOS emergency flag with the kit. You can use it as a visual marker for any incoming emergency worker to find your location easily.

There is also an emergency blanket inside the Life Clock Emergency Disaster Kit that you can use to warm up in case of harsh cold weather. An emergency compressed bandage kit is valuable in case of injuries. The Life Clock Disaster Preparation Clock Kit also contains an In Case Of emergency card. It can provide rescuers with personal details and info they need. A disaster and safety brochure inside the kit can provide users with helpful guides on what to do during emergencies and disasters.

The design of the Life Clock Disaster Preparation Clock Kit can be placed anywhere around the house. It is easily accessible out in open view without being an eyesore. When disaster strikes, it is easier to locate and bring along. Designed by Korea Gyeonggido Company, the Life Clock Disaster Preparation Clock Kit is available in red, gray, and blue colors for US$69 each.

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