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Libratone Zipp AirPlay Speaker

AirPlay speakers never really have gotten the attention they deserve. Some find them quite difficult to setup. Some find them quite bulky. But now, here’s the Libratone Zipp a new AirPlay speaker that aims to change all that.

The new Libratone Zipp AirPlay Speaker aims to make it easy for users to keep the speaker playing. It comes with its new PlayDirect Technology that allows users to simply connect and use the AirPlay speaker without the hassles. It can even be used this time without the need of a WiFi network. It allows users to use a wireless high end audio without having to deal with complicated connections. The Libratone Zipp also adds some stylish touch by adding changeable wool covers available at various colors.  The new Libratone Zipp AirPlay Speaker is set to be available exclusively at the App Stores for US$399.

Image Source: Libratone

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