LG Zero Smartphone is All Metal

LG ZeroPremium smartphones try to stand above the rest of what is out there. Some makers offer premium features while others do it with elegant design. Whatever path smartphone makers take to be on top of the premium smartphone market is not always a sure thing. People who look for premium gadgets can be quite fickle. There is no sure formula for becoming the next big thing when it comes to capturing the attention of customers. Such is the case for the new all-metal LG Zero.

The main selling feature for the new LG Zero is its elegant all-aluminum body. While other smartphones may go for a plastic body, LG tries its hand in a premium smartphone with an all-metal body this time. Some people may find this appealing in the LG Zero smartphone. Others may need to look for other features as well. To add to the phone’s elegance, the LG Zero is also enhanced with the use of the “Arc Glass” design for a slimmer profile. Other premium features included in the LG Zero are its13MP rear and 8MP front camera as well as its 5-inch HD In-Cell Touch IPS display.

The LG Zero features a 1.2GHz Quad Core processor and runs on the Android 5.1 Lollipop OS. It also comes with a 1.5GB RAM, a 16GB ROM and a MicroSD slot for additional storage. Users will have a choice between silver and gold models to further show the smartphone’s elegance. The LG Zero is set to be initially available in selected Asian and European markets. Pricing and participating carriers will be announced when the premium smartphone becomes available in its key markets.

Image Source: LG

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