LG WCP700 Wireless Charging Pad

Since portable devices like smart phones are designed for convenience first and foremost, other accessories that come with them should also follow suit. Tasks like charging these devices should also be developed to become even more convenient for users. LG may be offering such a convenience with its new WCP700 Wireless Charging Pad.

Wireless charging has recently caught the attention of many consumers. While still quite an early development, the new LG WCP700 Wireless Charging Pad is joining the fray of giving the convenient option of charging devices wirelessly. The new wireless charging pad charges devices via induction. Inductive coils built into battery doors and the internal contacts make a cord free charging possible.

The LG WCP700 Wireless Charging Pad also offers users the means to get visual, audible as well as tactile feedback to ensure that they place their gadgets or phones properly on the charging pad. Power indicators allow users to keep track on how much charge their phones may already be getting. The slim design of the charging pad also makes it easier to use and store as well. The LG WCP700 Wireless Charging Pad is set to be available in April of this year. It is expected to cost around US$70.

Image Source: LG

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