LG WCP300- World’s Smallest Wireless Charger

When it comes to many devices today, making it small seems to be the best course for success. Not only is making them small sometimes easier and cheaper to manufacture, people would also like them for being handy and portable. That is why in the recent Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain, South Korean electronics manufacturer introduced the LG WCP300, purported to be the world’s smallest wireless charger.

The LG WCP300 Wireless Charger made its way into the consumer market as the world’s smallest wireless charger to date, measuring only 6.9 cm in diameter. It works by using electromagnetic induction technology to charge devices. It produces an electromagnetic field that charges devices placed on top of its charging pad. This device is about to receive its Qi certification and would be an ideal wireless charger for those devices that support the Qi standard. The LG WCP300 will someday make its way into the consumer market as more and more devices supporting wireless charging are made and become the standard for all devices. For now its wireless charging feature will be quite useful for a handful of Qi standard smartphones available in the market like the Nexus 4 and the LG Spectrum.

Image Source: LG

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