LG Watch Phone Shows Up at CES

LG watch phone

The 2009 Consumer Electronics Show may be subdued after last year’s extravaganza of HD-capable devices, but some products have developed quite a buzz among tech geeks and gadget freaks.  One of them is the introduction of the world’s first watch-phone by LG.

The LG Watch Phone was unveiled in this exhibit and has cast both disbelief and doubt among its many attendees.  And it is very much understandable.  For one, the specs are not fully-detailed and only the models were allowed to use the watch phone for demonstration purposes.  Even respected tech reporters are not allowed to touch the watch phone.  It was that secretive.

But what we do know is that what used to be a gadget that can only be seen on spy films can become a reality after so many lame attempts.  At first glance, the LG Watch Phone looks really sleek and shiny strap and metallic case.  It has three buttons on its right side, for Talk, Clear, and End.  At the upper-right corner of the face you would see a tiny camera, ideal for video conferencing.  We have yet to learn whether this is a megapixel or VGA camera.

Its 1.43-inch screen may seem too small, especially when we learned that it is actually touch-screen.  It functions like a cross between an iPhone and iPod, with every press of the menu creates a transition to the right.  The model also demonstrated how easy it is to dial-and supposedly text message-with the Watch Phone using your fingertip (not your fingernail, mind you).  LG claims that the touch screen is sensitive enough even if the hand is covered with a golf glove.

The LG Watch Phone also comes with a music player that sounds surprisingly loud.  It also supports stereo Bluetooth so that you can listen to your tunes using a Bluetooth headset.  LG claims that the watch phone can hold up to 70MB of memory, but that can change by the time the device launches.  It will have quad-band GSM and 3G/ HSDPA.

The LG Watch Phone will be available in Europe in late 2009, with no definite plan on when it will be released in the United States.  The watch will be available in a variety of colors, from black to red, and even pink.  Pricing, however, is still a secret.

Image Source: LGE.com 

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