LG Watch Phone Available Soon in UK

It was first rumored back in CES, but having a gadget that combines the convenience of a mobile phone and a wrist watch is within reach in a few weeks.  LG has announced that their very own watch-phone will become available in United Kingdom on August.

The LG GD910 watch-phone will be exclusive to Orange "for a limited time" at an unspecified price, but tech watchers have speculated that it will amount to around £1,000 (or $1,500).  After all, technology like this does not come cheap.

If you haven’t heard of this innovative watch phone, here’s a little brief.  The LG GD910 comes with a touch screen, a Bluetooth headset, and video calling capabilities, not to mention HSDPA internet for high-speed mobile web browsing.

Image source:  Orange.co.uk

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