LG W53 SMART Series LCD Monitor

LG W53 Smart Monitors

LG Electronics, one of the leading manufacturers of business solutions has recently launched its newest LCD monitor series.

According to the press release, LG’s W53 SMART Monitor Series boasts of "cutting-edge SMART technologies" that, aside from providing the usual "top picture quality," significantly reduces eyestrain.

The SMART Monitor series comes equipped with Auto Brightness feature which allows for automatic brightness adjustment. As a side plus, this feature reduces power consumption by lowering backlight intensity.

The Cinema Mode takes out online video viewing distractions by blacking out "everything except for the video clip" and letting users concentrate on their video clip.

Central to the eyestrain reduction theme is a timer which comes with LG’ SMART monitors, obviously to remind users to take a breather. Users can easily set reminders according to their preference via the interface that controls the monitor’s settings.

The SMART monitor series also comes with a proximity sensor located under the monitor’s bezel which detects a hand as it approaches the screen. Detection activates lights that make buttons easy to find when necessary. Lights automatically go out when not in use.

LG’s W53 SMART Monitors are available in sizes from 18.5 to 27 inches. The bigger monitors – 21.5 inches and up – provide 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio, which makes them perfect for games and Full HD movies.

The monitors also feature a digital fine contrast ratio of up to 50,000:1 and a 2ms response time.

According to the press release, shipping of the new W53 SMART Monitor Series starts this April (though some gadget review sites pin the shipping date on May) but there are no updates on pricing yet.

Image source: obsessable.com

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