LG W2486L LED BLU LCD Display

LG W2486L LCD Display

We’ve been waiting for LG to release its newest LCD monitor model. Well, heads up, guys! Here it is now, the W2486L BLU LCD Display.

This LCD display offers a BLU LED backlight. Mind you, this backlight isn’t only for aesthetic purposes. It is actually meant to lower your power consumption by up to 50%. That is, if you’re still using the CCFL model.

The only unfavorable thing we have seen with this LCD display is the fact that it is only 20 mm thick. Yes, this slim style design is an LG innovation, alright. Meaning, its for the elite and the higher-ups, but definitely not for family use.

The W2486L has a 1,000,00: 1 contrast ratio; a 2ms response rate, and the ability to automatically adjust its brightness. These features, we think, makes this LCD display a really fancy gadget.

The price and the release date for the LG W2486L LED BLU LCD Display is still unknown. But I’m guessing that it won’t come cheap.


Image Source: Wikio.com

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