LG Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV

LG trumotion tcd tv

For those out there who are into LCD TVs, especially high-end ones, the LG Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV may be the one you are looking for. This may be one of the best gizmos out there since it has a backlight capability.

The scanning backlight, as LG likes to call it, is combined with the 240Hz which results in the 480Hz display per second. This makes the videos smoother, has lesser blurs and an energy saving capacity due to an improvement in contrast. An ideal feature indeed when watching sports footages.

What is even better about the LG Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV is that it has a higher response rating, bringing the motion picture response time (MPRT) down to 4ms. This brings about clarity and enhanced video quality.

Moreover, images are even better now that dark tones will be even darker and bright pictures brighter. On a personal note, we believe this is best for those who like watching high-speed images. Definitely, this LCD TV will suit you the most if you’re into really high-definition viewing.

The LG Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV will be available in the markets on the second half of 2009. Thus, the price and the details of the models are not currently out as of the moment. However, there is an expectation that it will fetch quite a price. 

Image source: www.news.idealo.co.uk

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