The LG TONE Studio Is Your Personal Surround Sound On The Go

wearable speaker

wearable speakerMany people would want to enjoy sound while on the go. Sometimes, they have different preferences in enjoying sound. While others may prefer the crisp and clear sounds from headphones, others may be looking for something unique and better. Imagine enjoying surround sound while going out and about doing your own business while listening to your favorite tunes. That is now possible to do while on the go with the new LG TONE Studio.

The LG TONE Studio is a unique wearable Bluetooth speaker that can provide some surround sound experience wherever the user may be. It is worn around the neck and acts as a speaker more than a pair of earphones. Inside, there are four speakers that allow users to immerse in real 3D surround sound. The LG TONE Studio is also compatible with Bluetooth-enabled LG Smart televisions running on WebOS, giving users with a surround sound cinematic experience wherever they want to. If users wish to share the experience, there is a Dual Play feature that allows two LG Tone Studio speakers to share in the surround sound experience.

In case the wearers won’t need to experience some surround sound, the LG TONE Studio also comes with legacy TONE retractable earbuds. The LG TONE Studio is now available at LG and AT&T stores for $229.

Image Source: LG

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