LG to Reveal In-House Chips in 2013

LG does a lot of things from electronics to appliances, even toothpastes, and they wants to add another title: chip maker. Last year, LG announced that they have licensed ARM’s processor designs and now have over 900 people working to design the company’s in-house chips for both smartphones and televisions.

The year 2013 would reveal the fruition of LG’s work as the South Korean company plans to reveal their first homemade chip, the H13, on CES. The “H” stands for Home Entertainment, while the “13” denotes the year. Judging by the name, the H13 will be placed in LG’s television sets.

The company has no plans of manufacturing these chips, however, leaving that responsibility to TSMC, who now makes 28 nanometer chips to various companies including Qualcomm.

The Korea Times reported that a mobile version of the H13 is in the works, which LG will use in its own phones and try to sell to other companies, just like how Samsung does it.

Source: The Korea Times, via Android Authority

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