LG Solar Powered Mobile Phone

LG Solar Powered Mobile Phone

Last Feb.16, gadgets and electronics giant LG revealed a new addition to its outstanding mobile phone line at the Mobile World Congress 2009. And it’s the nicest one to hit the planet yet.

LG introduces the LG Solar Powered Mobile phone.

LG has taken a turn to green, and as part of their commitment to create a healthier environment for everyone, pioneered this bold and brilliant new mobile device

LG’s green solar powered phone is equipped with a solar panel battery cover, as seen at the 2009 Mobile World Congress.

In the press release, Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company said, "Using renewable solar energy in the mobile handset is an example of our ongoing efforts to help create a safer, cleaner environment for our customers… LG continues to research and invest in creating products that not only provide a better experience for consumers, but also encourage an environmentally responsible lifestyle."

LG plans to release this eco-friendly phone in the European market at the end of this year.

Solar Power

Users need only point their eco-friendly phones at a natural light and the panel will turn solar energy into electricity, no plugs needed.

Exposing the panel to the sun for about 10 minutes gives the phone enough power to make a 3-minute call.

It’s brilliant and especially helpful in situations where in your battery went dead and there’s not charger or charging station in site.

And if left in natural light for a long period, the panel creates enough standby power without charging the phone.

Good when green

LG’s commitment to be green is not limited to mobile phones. LG also tapped its HFB-500 Bluetooth solar car kit allows its users to hands-free cell phone use in a fully rechargeable solar unit.

LG has also changed its packaging and by printing with soy inks and using recycled paper. LG plans to widen the uses of their green product manuals to a broader range of models this year.

LG has also making plans of reducing the use of hazardous substance in products, and replacing them with sustainable ones.

The company is also planning to make their headphones free of halogenated substances.

Image source:  LG

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