LG Solar Cell Ebook Reader

LG Solar Cell Ebook Reader

Despite the alarming findings that reading for pleasure is on a decline, more ebook readers are being introduced into the market, trying to challenge whether a little kick of technology could inspire people to spend less time watching mindless reality television and start reading more mind-enriching fiction.  LG, for instance, shows off its Solar Cell Ebook Reader, an energy-efficient device that gives an extra day’s worth of power after just four to five hours of sun charging.

The thin film solar cell in this reader measures 10 centimeters on each side and 0.7 millimeters in thickness, which perfectly fits the 6-inch display panel.  It also weighs just 20 grams, just as light as a fountain pen.

But LG does not plan to rest on its thin-film solar cell laurels, as they plan on developing its energy conversion efficiency rate from the current 9.6% to 12% by 2010, then amp it by 14% in 2012.

Image source:  LG Display

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