LG Shine Iron Man Limited Edition

LG Shine Iron Man Limited Edition

The collectors must have Iron Man limited luxury of LG Shine (KE970) is already out. This mobile phone is the result of LG Electronics Corporation’s cooperation with Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios new successful marketing campaign showcasing a mobile phone to go with the debut of legendary marvel comic book hero the Iron Man on silver screen.

The Iron Man Shine Phone being a luxury edition of LG Shine still carries the same basic feature of the KE 970 such as TFT display, 2 Mega pixel camera,web browsing, email, EDGE connectivity and so on.

Essentially, what makes this phone special is its 18k solid gold cover, its estimated retail price which is about $2,000, the phone is not available in stores and only 100 Iron Man handsets has been made making it very difficult anybody to get one. To all interested at grabbing one of these collector’s edition visit www.inthesuit.com which has been on line since the 15th of April 2008.

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