LG Secret KF750 Touchscreen Phone

LG Secret

LG has released the third and the latest in its Black Label series, the LG Secret KF750. This superslim phone is visually stunning like its predecessors, LG Chocolate KG800 and LG KE970 Shine. With tempered and carbon fiber glass, this stunningly beautiful phone projects an aura of quality. One of Its cool features is the touchscreen control that uses "Neon Touch" visuals. Secret is a high-end phone that boasts a 5 MP camera, 3G video calling, video camera with slow motion effects, a music player, an FM radio, support for memory cards up to 4 GB, and Bluetooth 2.0.

Secret is a slide phone with sleek dimensions of 102.8 x 50.8 x 11.8 mm. Despite its size, it is quite heavy, with a weight of 116 g. But it is alright as it gives a quality feel. The device 5 MP camera can shoot DivX video at 120fps. The 2.4-inch display has QVGA resolution that can play DivX files with resolution 640 x 480 pixel tops. Secret has a Neon Touch feature that provides a visual response to touch, allowing you to know when you have activated a button.

But LG Secret is not without its share of shortcomings. First, the slim phone has a below average battery life. There is always a trade-off: if you are a heavy user, then having superslim phones might not be a good idea. The second problem is that some users are having problems with the poor reception. And lastly, the screen is quite hard to read when you are outdoors. Despite these issues, LG Secret is a stunning phone.

Image Source: LG

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