LG Rolly Keyboard

LG Rolly KeyboardWith the huge popularity of mobile devices, the market for mobile accessories is also benefiting from the boom. Certain limitations of portable devices in terms of functions lead other accessories to offer enhanced features to make these devices perform better for other people. One example is the portable keyboard that helps give better typing functions to smartphones or even tablets with otherwise smaller typing keys. The new LG Rolly Keyboard aims to make it even more convenient by virtue of its unique design.

The LG Rolly Keyboard is a unique portable wireless keyboard recently introduced at IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany. LG is marketing it as the world’s first solid rollable wireless keyboard. This fold out mobile device can fit into your pocket. Once you fold it out, it provides a keyboard with a 17-inch key pitch, almost close to the 18mm key pitch found in most desktop keyboards.

Made out of durable polycarbonate and ABS plastic, the LG Rolly is impact-resistant. The keyboard itself provide a tactile feedback not found in other flexible silicone keyboards. It connects and pairs with compatible smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth 3.0 automatically by simply unfolding it. A single AAA battery can power the LG Rolly for up to 3 months of use. The LG Rolly is expected to be available in the market sometime this month. It is expected to cost around $119.

Image Source: LG

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