LG Proudly Says: "Our Tablet will be Better than iPad"

If there is one thing to make your upcoming tablet computer create a buzz in the online community even without providing a date of availability and pricing, it has to be proclaiming that your tablet computer will bring all the boys in the yard.

LG’s vice president for marketing Chang Ma made a really sweeping claim as published by Wall Street Journal, saying that their tablet will be better than the iPad. Although we could hear some snickering from the Apple fanboys, LG does have a point.

The Android-powered LG tablet will be included in its Optimus line and is expected to be released in Q4 of 2010. The company claims that they will not make an iPad clone that focuses more on infotainment, but instead on creating content. The tablet would enable users to write documents, edit video, and even create programs.

Such claims show that LG is targeting a different market with its tablet computer, rather than aiming at a segment that is already obsessed with anything that starts with an “i.” Whether the strategy would work once the device is released, we will see.

Source: Wall Street Journal, via CrunchGear

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