LG Magic Remote for TV Announced

Watching television became more convenient with the arrival of the remote control. With it, people no longer needed to travel back and forth to change channels or adjust the volume on the TV. But for years, the remote control showed little advance in terms of technology. But now, LG is introducing the Magic Remote that offers different ways to interact with today’s new line of smart TV’s.

The LG Magic Remote is designed to come with the next line of LG’s CINEMA 3D Smart TV range. The remote control is designed to feature voice control technology that can pick up voice commands to operated TV functions. The device also supports gesture control, similar to that used on the Wii remote, making it a possible alternative. It also works not only with Smart TV’s but also with other set-top boxes and Blue Ray players. The LG Smart Remote is expected to be up for exhibit on CES next year in Las Vegas.

Image Source: LG

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