LG Korea Releases Bedding King Vacuum

One of the more challenging areas in the home to clean is the bedroom. While the floors may be easier to clean, the bed and the beddings may be a different matter altogether. Aside from washing them with great difficulty using capable washing machines, there is still the issue of drying them and making them allergen-free to consider. If there are such problems, then this new LG Korea Bedding Cleaner might help.

LG Korea recently launched its new VH9200DS Bedding King bedding cleaner with greatly enhanced cleaning performance. It comes with two powerful vibrating punch motion per minute that knocks back and forth up to 8,000 times. This allows the powerful bedding cleaner from removing the invisible dust from the beddings as well as the microscopic pests such as mites and ticks. The cleaner’s powerful suction power and soft rotation brush makes sure that the dust and pests are effectively removed from the bedding fibers.

The LG VH9200DS also comes with 2 high performing HEPA filters that trap small dust particles and allergens the base station of the bedding cleaner also comes with a UV lamp that kills harmful bacteria that may be found at the bottom of the cleaner. Its ergonomic handle design makes it easy to use without giving strain to the waist. The LG VH9200DS Bedding King is now available in the Korean market for 219,000 Korean won or around US$195.

Image Source: LG

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