LG Introduces Tab Book Hybrid Device

Hybrid devices have recently been put into the spotlight. It has gotten some good attention from people who are not just satisfied with features and functions of devices that is currently in the market. Hybrid devices like the new LG Tab Book aim to appeal to such people.

The new LG Tab Book Hybrid device has recently been introduced at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. It is designed to cater to consumers who wish for the convenience and functions of both a tablet and a notebook but do not want to bring along two different devices just to enjoy the use of both. The LG Tab Book can provide users with the functions and features of a tablet and with the input convenience of a notebook via its hidden slide-out physical keyboard.

The slim LG Tab Book is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and runs on the Windows 8 OS. It also features LTE technology so that users may have the convenience of connecting to the Internet regardless of location. The LG Tab Book is slated to be available in Korea by this week. Availability and pricing in other markets will be made at a later date.

Image Source: Laptop magazine

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