LG HS201Slim LED Projector

LG has come up with quite an interesting projector that not only is quite eco-friendly as well as compact to use. Its HS201 Slim LED projector surely plays up to these features for appeal. And they do make this device quite interesting enough.

What makes the LG HS201 Slim LED Projector quite appealing is that it is more compact than most other projectors available out there. This Led projector only weighs a light 1.8 pounds, not too bothersome to bring along where it is needed. It provides 200 ANSI brightness and its 2 XD engines make it quite capable to create more details and vivid colors by adjusting properties in two ways- one from its circuit and the other from its LED control board. And because it uses LED technology, its LED lamps last longer and never needs to be replaced. This means no toxic bulbs and materials to discard. The LG HS201 Slim LED Projector is available at Amazon for US$500.

Image Source: Amazon

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