LG Hom Bot Square Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners have recently become more and more popular. It may be considered as one of the more extensively used robotic assistants in the home today. Being able to clean the floors unsupervised gives it a convenience that many busy people will welcome. Many of today’s robotic vacuum cleaners are known for their circular shape. LG tries to break away from this trend by introducing the LG Hom Bot Square Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

The new LG Hom Bot Square aims to stand above other similar robotic vacuum cleaners in the market by acquiring a more unique square design. This design makes it more able to clean corners as compared to its circular counterparts. Not only that, the LG Hom Bot Square will also feature high tech sensors and better brushes that are 1.5cm longer than previous models.

Sensitive Dual Eye 2.0 camera sensors makes a complete scan of the floor area it will clean and analyzes the information in order to create a map of the space it will be moving around. This will allow the LG Hom Bot Square to even clean floors in relative darkness. Onboard ultrasonic and infrared sensors allow the robot vacuum cleaner to avoid obstacles in its path and move around it as it cleans. The LG Hom Bot Square is expected to be available in the consumer market by next year. No pricing details have yet been announced.

Image Source: LG

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