LG GD910 Wrist Phone


We’re all anticipating the release of the world’s first 3G touchscreen watch phone. Unfortunately, LG is still hushed on the price and the date of release of this great innovation.

LG-GD910 seems to have it all: a touchscreen LCD, 3G data, and a built-in camera for videoconferencing. Plus, it also supports HSDPA for a really speedy download. This is a really neat treat from LG since the GD910 is packed with all these great features in one gizmo.

As far as features and state-of-the-art technology is concerned, this LG-GD910 will probably become a hit. Only problem is its 1.43-inch screen, which might pose some difficulty for us users. But if you can overlook that tiny bit of quibble, then I’d say give this watch phone a go. As soon as LG releases it, that is.

Personally though, I think it’s worth the wait.


Image Source: phonemag.com

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