LG-GD900, The World’s First Transparent Mobile Phone


LG Electronics introduced at the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Spain, what could be called the world’s first transparent mobile phone:  The LG-GD900.  The company has been known for introducing sleek and stylish mobile phones, and this latest model shows a bold move in the design category.

The LG-GD900 comes in a silver casing, which then slides and reveals the handset in its purest form, as well as creates a new statement in aesthetics that will make its owners stand out from the crowd.  Opening the phone reveals a translucent keypad that illuminates a cool glow, reflecting the sleek and polished silver body of the handset.  The LG-GD900 also comes with a wide range of technical features that are currently being kept secret by the manufacturers.  All we know so far is that we can expect a dedicated Bluetooth headset that will arrive along with this mobile phone.

The GD900 gives off a futuristic look that is bound to attract some phone buyers.  While we wait for more information about this mobile phone, we can expect LG to come up with a unit that prioritize style and simplicity in the user interface instead of going through the other route of providing new applications and electronic features that other mobile phone companies do with its more recent products.

However, with this cool of a design, many tech reviewers have noticed a flaw early on:  The keypad does not appear to have guide grooves of some sort that would aid your fingers while navigating the keys either with your eyes closed or when completely blind.

The LG-GD900 will be launched in May 2009 at the earliest.

Image source:  LGE.com

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