LG G Flex curved smartphone leaked

LG G Flex

LG G Flex

Rumor has it other companies might follow suit after Samsung introduces its Galaxy Round curved smartphone. One website claims — with photos to boot — that LG has something up its sleeve. Reportedly set to debut next month, the 6-inch LG G Flex is curved like the telephone’s receiver as it bends from top to bottom rather than side to side.

This banana-like curvature seems more ergomonic compared to Galaxy Round as the G Flex fits around the user’s face. The problem, however, is how this smartphone would deal with accidental key presses as the user’s cheek touches the screen.

LG G Flex

Specs and pricing remain hush-hush, but it is widely believed the LG G Flex will sport the most current hardware in the display and processing departments. There is a possibility we would see a 1080p screen and a Snapdragon 800 system-on-chip, as well as having the same button placements as the LG G2 including the control button at the back (just below the camera).

Will there be other curved smartphones coming out? Most possibly! In the meantime, we will keep you updated about the LG G Flex as new information leaks.

Source: Android Authority

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