LG Flare LX165 Cell Phone

Not everyone feels the need to have the very latest smartphone. Some prefer their mobile phones to possess the basic tools such as making and receiving calls. Of course, such basic phones would not stand out if they do not offer something else. One of these top basic phones is the LG Flare LX165, which is sold exclusively on Virgin Mobile.

Although the name may sound flashy at first, in reality the Flare is anything but eye-catching design-wise. It may have a sleek minimalist appearance, but its construction gives off a little bit on the cheap side. However, the Flare does make up for its "lack of flare" by having a very colorful display on the outside, which can support up to 65,000 colors. Flip the phone open and you can also see its 1.75-inch, 262,000-color internal display.

The Flare may not have a VGA camera, but it performs great on the features that it offers. It has enough room for 500 contacts, each holding up to five numbers, three e-mail addresses, a Web address, and even notes. You could also save callers into groups and even pair them with an animation provided in the phone to serve as a caller ID as well as polyphone ringtones.

It also has standard features like text messaging, speakerphone, and vibrating mode, as well as other stuff that is unique to the Flare like a tip calculator. The Flare also comes with voice dialing and Bluetooth support.

The call quality in Flare is clear and superb. The volume is appropriately loud, while the caller can understand what you say. However, this clear quality does not fare well with the speakerphone, as the call sounded muffled. Overall, the LG Flare can be your ideal basic mobile phone if you seek for an affordable unit as well as a clear phone call.

Image Source: LGMobilePhones.com

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