LG to Offer Curved OLED TV Sets in South Korea

LG Electronics has announced it will begin shipping its curved OLED TV sets in South Korea beginning next month. LG would be the first company to offer such a product to the mass market.

These TV sets make use of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), thus making the screens thinner and more flexible than ever. The 55-inch model will cost around 15 million won ($13,550) and is only limited to sales in LG’s home turf.

The reason why OLED screens are flexible is because its carbon-based diodes do not require a separate light source, unlike LCD screens that need a backlight to illuminate the crystals. OLEDs can also be fabricated onto a flexible plastic layer rather than glass, thus resulting to a curved OLED TV that brings the “IMAX experience” to your entertainment room.

Apart from its thin and light profile, OLED TVs are also lauded for being more energy-efficient and can bringing out the deepest blacks possible.

While LG can claim the bragging rights of being the first to bring curved OLED TV screen in the market, one analyst said LG may want to anticipate the limited demand. A market research firm, meanwhile, suggests that curved OLED TV screens are better off as marketing tools rather than consumer products due to its steep price.

Samsung also showed offed its curved OLED screen prototypes at CES last January, but did not announced at the time when their displays would be released.

Source: LG and BBC

Photo source: Digital Spy UK

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