LG Bluetooth Portable Photo Printer

When it comes to capturing daily experiences into still images, more and more people now rely on their smartphones to do the job. It is a handy device and only takes a second to take out from one’s pocket and snap away photos. While people nowadays prefer to share the images to friends and family online, there are also others who prefer getting physical copies. It may be difficult bringing along normal printers to do the job. That is why this LG Bluetooth Portable Photo Printer makes a more convenient option.

The LG Bluetooth Portable Photo Printer is a handy device that will allow users to create physical copies of their digital photos while on the go.  It makes use of ZinkTM photo paper for printing those photos that you need not keep inside your smartphone storage. The printing technology makes use of heat to imprint the images into the special photo paper. This way it does not need any ink cartridge, making printing more convenient and compact.

The LG Bluetooth Portable Photo Printer also connects wirelessly to your smartphone or any other Bluetooth compatible device.  With the LG Smart Photo app, users can then edit and enhance their captured images before they plan to print it. The app even provides a way to affix a QR code to photos for smart tagging. With the NFC feature, users can simply place their tagged smartphones near the LG Bluetooth Portable Photo Printer and it will bring up the Smart Photo app automatically. It is now that easy to print photos from your smartphone through the LG Bluetooth Portable Photo Printer. It is now available at Gadgets Catalog for around $200.

Image Source: Gadgets Catalog

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