LG BL40 Christmas Edition Chocolate Phone

LG BL40 Christmas Edition Chocolate Phone

For a limited period, LG presents the BL 40 Christmas Edition in South Korea beginning December 10, which they label as part of "New Chocolate:  Black Label Series." 

What sets this baby apart from the usual Chokolritpon (that’s "Chocolate Phone" in Korean) is that it has an 8-megapixel camera with auto-focus, as well as a luxurious black case with golden accents that comes with a voucher that could make some lucky customers win up to 5 million Korean won (about US$4,000) worth of prizes, including luxurious services such as tea services and overnight hotel room accommodations on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve at Seoul’s Grand Hyatt Hotel. 

There’s no word yet if the limited-edition LG BL40 Christmas Chocolate Phone will be available outside the Land of Morning Calm.

Image source:  LG

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