LG bendable displays for smarphones coming soon

LG bendable displays coming to smartphones soon

LG bendable displays coming to smartphones soon

After providing a glimpse of LG bendable displays for smartphones at CES, the South Korean company has confirmed it brings the innovative screens to mass production.

Expect some smartphones in the near future sporting 6-inch LG bendable OLED panels that are lightweight, which the company claims to be the first for mobile phones. The announcement comes after the commercial rollout of LG’s 55-inch curved OLED TV display earlier this year. These displays are made of plastic substrates instead of glass, which gives them the bending properties that would allow it to be fitted inside curved devices. Smartwatches, perhaps?

There is a possibility that LG would include its first flexible screen inside its upcoming G Flex smartphone, which will be unveiled next month, but the company could only confirm about releasing new products with “enhanced performance and differentiated designs” in the coming year.

Word on the street is that LG’s announcement is an attempt to one-up Samsung, which is rumored to launch its own bendable screen-equipped smartphone next month.

Source: LG Newsroom

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