Lexon LA 81 Safe Radio Bamboo

Lexon LA 81 Safe Radio

If being environment-friendly is your thing, then gadgets that care for the earth may appeal to you. There are now new gadgets that either run on renewable energy or use materials that do not do damage to Mother Nature. One of them is the Lexon LA 81 Safe Radio.

The LA 81 Safe Radio is an AM/FM radio that not only looks good. It also is a unique portable radio that is made out of bio-plastics coming from bamboo. Not only that, it also runs not only on rechargeable AC power but also through crank power. The Lexon LA 81 Safe Radio is equipped with its own crank that powers up an internal dynamo in the radio to provide run it. This unique AM/FM radio can also act as a portable speaker for mp3 players. You can check it out at the Lexon website although the price for this gadget may not yet be available.

Image Source: Lexon Design

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