Lexmark Genesis Printer

Even new printers today have to accommodate advancing technology to make them not only relevant but also interesting as well. Newer printers today now have features that may not be available for such devices 2 or 3 years ago. The new Lexmark Genesis may have some of such features.

The Lexmark Genesis is a new inkjet printer introduced by Lexmark after quite some time. It now includes features that allow it to become a more versatile online tool. The new Genesis printer features a 4.3 inch touchscreen LCD display that also provides users with a preview of what is being printed. This display may also acts as a means to access and use various cloud-based apps.

The Genesis also supports Wi-Fi N connectivity that offers 3 times the coverage and transfer speeds of traditional wireless networks. The Lexmark Genesis also features a 10 megapixel imaging sensor armed with Flash Scan camera technology to allow digitizing a document page in seconds with Vizix print technology. This new printer is expected to be available sometime early next year and may cost around US$399.

Image Source: Lexmark

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