Lexar Professional Series 80X WA CompactFlash 4GB

Lexar Professional Series 80X

In the digital world, speed is of the essence, and in the digital photography world, this means everything.

The new Lexar 80X 4GB Compact flash card has the patented 80X speed which enables digital shooters to record 12MB per second. This is, by far, the fastest write speed in Compact Flash cards today.

The Type II Compact Flash card is especially constructed for the professional shooter who needs immediate confirmation that they have been able to capture a particular shot where they can quickly identify precise levels, bracketing ranges and other elements.

This is practical for fast-paced application such as sports events or photojournalism where one needs to capture "the moment". If you have this in your camera, you won’t need to worry about missing anything.

This high-speed professional digital compact flash card will bring out the best in your professional equipment as well as complement the fast-paced photographer in you.

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