Levy Electric Swappable-Battery Scooter

Commuting in urban areas has changed through the years. It has changed in the sense that people now have additional options to go around and travel. Aside from the usual cars and motorcycles, a host of other portable personal type of transport options is now available to the masses. One of recent ones is the new Levy Electric Swappable-Battery Scooter.

The Levy Electric Swappable-Battery Scooter is a portable and electric personal transport that can get you in short distances where walking along may not be convenient. This foldable and lightweight electric scooter can take riders up to distances of 15 miles in Eco Mode. That is more than enough to cover the usual walking routes of most urban dwellers and more.

And with its compact 41-inch body and 30-pound weight, it is easy to carry along anywhere and even up the stairs. What even makes it more convenient is that the battery can easily be swapped with a fully charged one when needed. There’s no need to wait while your electric scooter is recharging. The Levy Electric Swappable-Battery Scooter is now available at the Levy website for $499.

Image Source: Levy


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