LEVL Tells You If You Are Burning Fat

LEVLKeeping fit is always a challenge for many people. The fact that some find it very difficult to do so can be very frustrating indeed. Some go through the usual rituals of exercise and diet but do not seem to lose any considerable weight. And since an effective weight loss regimen may be different from one person to the next, there are ways to know if your own regimen is working. One way is to know if your body is burning fat. LEVL will help you know just that.

The LEVL device is a unique gadget that allows people to know how much fat they are burning. The devices does this by detecting acetone levels in your breath. Fat burning is closely associated with the levels of acetone in your breath. The more your body burns fat, the higher levels of acetone might be detected in your breath. The LEVL will enable you to determine the level of how your body is burning fat and see if your exercise regimen helps you achieve that ideal level of fat burning to lose weight.

The LEVL features a dock and a gray pod where users exhale into. Once you have done just that, you then place the gray pod into the LEVL docking station. The device will then analyze and tell you the level of acetone you have in your breath. Not only that, it can also tell you how many calories or fats your body is burning based on the acetone levels in your breath. This info will tell you whether your body is in the process in burning those fats that will enable you to lose weight. It will also help you determine if you need to do more effort in terms of exercise in order to burn fat. It can also help you look for the best fitness regimen combination that is effective for you through the analysis of your breath that LEVL can provide. This device is currently on display at the recent CES 2016 in Las Vegas. It is not yet available for consumers though.

Image Source: LEVL

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