The Levitating Lamp

The Levitating LampSome people consider lamps as just an ordinary light source. Some people consider it as ideal decor for a room. But only a few can consider a table lamp as a conversation piece. But if you have the Levitating Lamp in a room, people will surely start talking about it once seeing it.

The Levitating Lamp may look like a typical table lamp to most people. But upon closer inspection, they will notice that the upper shade of the lamp seems to levitate in mid air from the lamp base. The upper half seems to also rotate and give that illusion that the lamp shade is floating on air. Actually, it is floating. But it is by no means a feat of magic.

The Levitating Lamp comes with a magnet tucked inside the lampshade. It is being repelled by electromagnetic coils inside the lamps base. The opposing forces keep the lampshade floating. The computerized coils make about a thousand adjustments per second in order to keep the shade floating upright even when it is accidentally bumped from the side. The shade’s rotation is actually the effect of air currents more than anything.

As magical as the Levitating Lamp may look, it is also just as functional. Nine bright LED bulbs, with six shining upward and three shining downward, provide the lighting effect. Each group of light can be controlled by a quick tap on the bottom of the lamp base. The Levitating Lamp is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $150.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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