Levimoon Levitating Moon Light

Some people just can’t get enough of looking as the beauty of the moon on a cool, clear night.  But the opportunity is not always available since some nights can be cloudy. The Levimoon Levitating Moon Light is ideal for people who love gazing at the moon and would want to have one in their room.

The Levimoon Levitating Moon Light is a smaller replica of the actual heavenly body that also acts as a night light. It features the same markings as on the real moon and also gives out that soothing and soft glow. It also levitates  above a wooden base, making it a unique visual treat of a glowing, floating  lunar body right there on your table.

Looking at the Levimoon Levitating Moon Light will give anyone that sense of tranquility similar to what one may feel when looking at the real thing. Users can even hold the moon lamp itself if they so wish. As an added charm, users can also adjust the brightness as well as the color of the light that the levitating moon emits. The lamp also recharges wirelessly so people can enjoy it anytime. The Levimoon Levitating Moon Light is available at Coocepts website for around $289.

Image Source: Coocepts


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