Level Smart Glasses

It seems only yesterday that smart glasses were said to be the next trendy gadget. But ever since the excitement brought by Google Glass, nothing has come out of this market segment that maintained the hype. It might have been invasion of privacy issues that killed the potential of smart glasses. Or maybe, its time may not yet have come. But there are others who are also trying to introduce newer smart glasses with a different slant. The new Level Smart Glasses aims to be a unique activity tracker instead.

The Level Smart Glasses from VSP Global, a leading eye care and eyewear company, aims to give smart glasses some added appeal. It is basically a smart frame that features activity tracking sensors embedded inside the temple area of the optical frame. This technology is able to track the wearer’s activity by using an accompanying app. Users can also have prescription lenses attached to the Level Smart Glasses, doing away with having a separate pair smart glasses aside from the one they wear everyday for vision correction. The Level Smart Glasses will be sold through participating optometry clinics. Once it becomes available in the market, a pair of this smart glasses is expected to retail at around $270, excluding lenses.

Image Source: Level Technology

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