Lettrs App: Send Snail Mail Straight from Your iPhone

While wireless communication and social media has made the world seem smaller, fewer people are taking the time off to communicate the old-fashioned way. Snail mails, for instance, are slowly becoming a thing of the past in favor of tweets, emails, and chats. However, there is only so much that can be said in a 140-character tweet, while emails and chats lack warmth and emotion.

A tech startup aims to revolutionize how we communicate in this digital age by encouraging users to send printed-on-paper letters by typing it on their iPhones. The Lettrs mobile app is actually an extension of the company’s previously-launch cloud-based platform that sends letters (both on paper and digital) around the world. It converts voice recordings, data, and photos to digital cloud and paper letters that are sent from a post office in Collinsville, Connecticut.

With Letters app, the startup aims to increase meaningful communications with just your mobile device. It can transcribe what you have dictated to your phone, as well as upload photos to go with these correspondence.

The Lettrs app will be formally introduced to the public during the PostalVistion 2020/ 3.0 com conference in Washington, D.C., with founder Drew Bartkiewicz leading a panel discussion on the future of written communications.

“Technology is what we make of it, and no app has yet been designed to dust off the previous–though timeless–aspirations of letter writing,” Bartkiewicz said in an interview with Mashable. “I hope people will choose to take time to create a ‘lettr’ when more purposeful words are desired, but with efficiencies of mobile and (social media) firmly intact.”

User can customize their personal lettrs with their choice of over 20 fonts and themes. They can also upload a written letter using the iPhone’s camera and preserve them in their private “Shoeboxes” or on the “Fridge” for public consumption.

Lettrs is now available on the App Store for $2.99, with versions for iPad and Android already in the works. They are also offering a special Mother’s Day promo: if you enter the code “mother” between today and May 12th, you can send a free lettr printed on fine linen or parchment paper, which comes scented and enclosed in an handcrafted card that is sealed with a wax stamp.

Source: Mashable

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