Let Your Kids Build A Bluetooth Speaker With The Bosebuild Speaker Cube 

bosebuild speaker cube set

bosebuild speaker cube setThe toys kids get these days. Some of today’s toys may be something of a marvel for adults decades ago. That shows how far technology has changed our daily lives. And in terms of fun, kids have it differently nowadays. For one, they now get to build their own personal Bluetooth speaker just for the fun of it. A set like the new Bosebuild Speaker Cube makes it possible.

The Speaker Cube

The new Bosebuild Speaker Cube is more than just a Bluetooth speaker that many kids can use for fun. There is now some educational element to it since the kids have to build it with their hands before they can use it. Kids are given the parts for this speaker and they will need to build it up on their own. The parts are designed with kids in mind. This means that the parts are designed to be rugged and resilient, able to withstand occasional drops and wear through the hands of the young ones. And these parts are labeled well enough to enable the kids to understand what they are putting up together.

A Learning Activity

As the kids start building the Bosebuild Speaker Cube, they eventually learn about magnets and electromagnets. They discover the principles behind sound and how they are produced. Along the way, kids also discover how speakers work. Soon, kids will begin to gather some interest in learning more about different scientific principles. It will develop their exploration around sound and how it can be produced. But before that, the kids may already have completed assembling the Speaker Cube.

The wireless capability, paired with the crisp and clear sounds from the Speaker Cube makes it a device that kids would love to see completed. and once they do, it will give kids that sense of achievement and confidence having been able to assemble a Bluetooth speaker with their own hands. If you wish to have your kids start on this journey of discovery and achievement, then you can have a set for kids to assemble and build for $149.

Image Source: Bose

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