LessLoss BlackBody

LessLoss BlackBody

Exactly what this BlackBody thing is, We are not sure. It is supposed to improve sound quality of, well, sound and music. According to inventor Louis Motek if addresses the "interaction of your audio gear’s circuitry with ambient electromagnetic phenomena and modifying this interplay. The Blackbody takes advantage of the quantum nature of particle interaction, and is therefore able to permeate metal, plastic, wood, and other barriers to affect the circuitry inside your components."

Supposedly this altered electromagnetic influence greatly enhances sound quality.

It does not work like a filtering device either, according to LessLoss, as it supposedly complements your filtering device. It even claims to "take on more genuinely human" quality of sound. Reportedly, even non-audiophiles who listen to music on "average SoundBlaster" in a "noisy house" can discern the improvement in sound quality. Sounds a little "out-there" for us. If you want to know more about this gadget, read up about Blackbody, here and here.

BlackBody is available at LessLoss for $959.

Source: Engadget

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