Lernstift: “Spell-Check Equipped” Digital Pen

Kids nowadays tend to prefer writing using a keyboard instead of a pen. One of the reasons is because of the convenience of spell-check, something a pen does not have. Two German fathers, Falk Wolsky and Daniel Kaesmacher, created a device that would not only aid in handwriting, but also in spelling. The Lernstift pen appears like your ordinary pen, but it gently vibrates when it senses the writer has misspelled a word or writes illegibly.

Lernstift pen sports a built-in handwriting recognition technology using a stripped-down Linux system and a non-optical motion sensor. The device lets out a buzz if it thinks you have written your English or German erroneously, even if you are scribbling in mid-air.

While there are other pen devices that have similar functions, they rely on optical sensors to detect writing movements as they digitize the words for uploading to a computer, or makes use of a special paper or other external devices. Lernstift requires none of that.

The vibrating pen comes in two modes of operation: orthography and calligraphy. The former helps writers recognize spelling errors, while the latter helps users detect if their penmanship is illegible. Users can also switch the pen tip into a pencil, fountain pen or ballpoint pen.

The creators have set up a Kickstarter campaign in hopes the Lenstift would be mass-produced by the end of the year. They are hoping to raise £120,000 (about US$181,000) before August 9, with a pledge of £99 ($150) if you want your very own Lernstift before it hits the retail shelves (future retail value: £125 or $189).

Source: Kickstarter, via The Telegraph

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