Lensbaby 3G Special Effects Lens

lensbaby 3g

Lensbabies are selective focus SLR camera lenses that enable you to create unique focusing and depth of field effects. They are actually simple lenses mounted in a flexible plastic tube, which can be bent to make such interesting optical results.

The latest third generation (3G) Lensbaby provides more control by means of lockable thread adjustments and fine tuning adjustments on the front dial.

It has the same features as the Lensbaby 2.0, except that there are three focusing rails emerging form the camera mount and passing through the focusing collar. There is also a trigger button which releases these three pins and conveniently locks the Lensbaby 3G in a bent position.

The lock feature of the Lensbaby 3G has in itself many useful functions. Once the Lensbaby is locked into place, you can make additional fine focus by way of traditional barrel focusing.

You can also adjust the sweet spot of sharp focus by simply turning any combination of the three focusing rails. This produces more creative images and allows you to work with long exposures and experiment with light.

The Lensbaby 3G is really for pro photographers who want precise focusing and complete control in their shots.

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