Lenovo's Talented Tablet

Lenovo's Talented Tablet

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X60 Tablet is a notebook of no other, with a superb convertible notebook with a first-rate keyboard and a responsive screen that accepts input from both a digitizer pen and fingers. This tablet offers great performance and an incredibly long 5.3-hour battery life in a package of reasonable weight and easy expandability.

Although it lacks some features like built-in optical drive and built-in support for ExpressCards, it’s nevertheless a package of impressive performance. It is actually the successor of the Lenovo Thinkpad X41, with irresistible new features. This includes an auto-rotation capability that senses when the table is turned. The screen is also easier to view outdoors. The finger input is another feature to boast upon, although this tends to smudge the screen quickly.

It has a modular dual-layer DVD writer, serial and parallel ports and four more USB ports, making a grand total of seven USB ports. The DVD writer can also be swapped out to increase battery life or storage by inserting an optional second battery or second hand drive. Swapping of devices can easily be done using the side pull tab.

Some might have problems with the integrated video memory, which is actually a similar problem that occurs among most small laptops. It can’t handle fast-moving 3d objects which simply freeze on the small screen. And although this is priced more expensive than other comparable models, the X60’s versatility as a tablet along with its above average features make it a great choice for professionals who are always on the go.

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